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Selective Tests

SelectiveTests Provides Online Practice Tests

Since 2005

Primary School Entry Tests

We help students prepare for Opportunity Class (OC) in New South Wales for entry into Year 5 and 6. Subjects include English, Mathematics, and General Ability.

High School Entry Tests

We also help prepare for Selective Schools in New South Wales, SEAL, scholarship tests, entry tests for private schools and other similar tests. Subjects include English, Mathematics, General Ability, and Written Expression.

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» Progress reports emailed to you at regular intervals

» Graphical charts to help identify areas for your child to focus on

» Monitor your child's progress over time

» Gain peace of mind that your child is practising and preparing

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» Competitive and fun learning environment

» Practise and learn at your own speed

» Ample timed tests, with tons of questions

» Answer Strategies easily explain concepts

» Monitor your progress over time

» Build confidence for the real test

We Solve Your Problem

It is difficult for students and parents to prepare for entrance examinations. Due to the competitive nature of these tests, it is essential to set up regular practise sessions to improve your student's skills gradually. Parents need as much guidance in this area as they can possibly get. This guidance and support was not easy to come by, until now.

Tell me more about the OC (Y5) tests

Our tests contain 35 questions that are to be completed within 30 minutes. All tests contain a mixture of questions in Mathematics, General Ability and Reading Comprehension. The tests are modelled after the NSW Opportunity Class (OC) Test.

These tests can be used, not only by NSW students, but by students in all Australian states that are preparing their children for curriculum at this level.

Tell me more about the Selective (Y7) tests

The four subjects that we cover are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • General Ability, and
  • Written Expression

There are numerous practice tests in English, Mathematics and General Ability. Essay competitions are held multiple times every year. The practice tests are modelled after the NSW Selective High School Test.

Who should join SelectiveTests?

Students and their parents who have decided to prepare for these tests. It is important to understand that parent involvement is highly recommended in this process. SelectiveTests may be used to supplement tuitions and private tutoring or as an addition to a self-study program. SelectiveTests can also be helpful to students Grade 3 through 7 who simply desire to improve their ability in the offered subjects.

When should I sign up?

Given the competitiveness of the entrance examination, students often begin preparation well in advance. For the Year 7 test, most students begin while they are in grade 5. For the Year 5 test, students often begin in grade 4. Sign up now.

There are less than six months left to prepare, is it too late for me to get started?

No! While many students begin preparation a year in advance, successful students have begun with much less time. SelectiveTests will help you use your time efficiently by helping you identify areas to focus on.

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Jan 2015 Essay Competition   24/01/2015
The January 2015 Essay Comp is now closed to new entries. Details can be viewed at Test Zone >> Written Expression. Results will be declared by mid February, 2015.

December's Year 5 Top Members   01/01/2015
Congratulations to December's Year 5 top members, ANU9 and VRU_26. Both members tied for first place with a score of 140 out of 160. KESHKETH was the runner-up, with a score of 129. Well Done!

December's Year 7 Top Members   01/01/2015
Congratulations to December's Year 7 top member, NARREN who achieved a score of 214 out of 240. DANIEL8 was the runner-up, with a score of 210.

Great Features

  • A large and growing database of questions
  • Practice tests for English, Mathematics, and General Ability
  • Advice on improving writing skills
  • Simulates the real test environment
  • Encouraging and competitive environment
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Extremely cost effective

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"Just to share our happpy moments with selectivetests that our son scored 220.97 and reveived the first choice offer to OC Summer Hill Public School.

Thanks to selectivetests, I think it is great and I have recommended a few parents already to subscribe it." - LT

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